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Global Equity

Analysis and insight on the leading developed markets


Global Sector Valuation


A summary of global sector valuation by earnings, cash flow, and dividend yield segmented by the United States, Global Developed ex-US, and Emerging Markets.


The Scorecard

A Daily Summary of Equity Market Returns.

Source: Data from IEX Cloud. CRM calculations. All returns are expressed in percent. One, Three, and Five-Year numbers are annualized rates. MTD = Month-to-Date. YTD = Year-to-Date. ETF represents indicative Exchange Traded Fund. Data updated at the end-of-day.


Global Sector Dashboards


Interactive dashboards of global sectors with risk factor models, scenario analysis, and simulation.

Equity Factor Models

Global equity market integration provides increased return opportunities to investors, while reducing the benefits from country diversification. Discover how factor models can help diversify an investment portfolio.

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