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Discussing the Numbers


Strategy development is difficult in practice and in definition. Deploy the 6A Strategy to link planning and execution into a coherent framework by focusing on Assessing, Analyzing, Alternatives, Alignment, Action, and Adapting.  While there is no certainty of success, a coherent framework provides consistency to the process, so that the chance of achieving the mission and realizing the vision are increased.


Integrate strategy.

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Investing starts with portfolio design. The optimal portfolio balances the trade-offs between diversification, capital gains, periodic income, inflation protection, and tax efficiency to deliver a portfolio for all the objectives. Allocation executes the design to efficiently access  investment opportunities as they arise. Success is predicated on coherent and consistent investment management.  


Design portfolios.

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Investing has many dimensions of risk. Market, credit, and liquidity risk can all impact the investment program's objectives. The value of a risk program is in the management, not the measurement or monitoring. Assessing risk drivers, analyzing outcomes, developing alternatives, aligning  the organization, acting to manage and adapt the risk program is where value is derived.


Align risk.

Analyzing the data

A well constructed portfolio stands the test of time and effective risk management softens the bumps along the way. Achieving full diversification efficiently is a challenge for all investors. Liquid Efficiency delivers  public equity, fixed income, and alternatives strategies with high liquidity and efficiency for liability-driven investors, long-only mandates, and target return portfolios. 


Achieve efficiency.

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