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Economic Epidemic

The economic epidemic is delivering uncertainty to such an extent that the equity markets fell at unparalleled speed. The economic decline may be higher than the great depression, and unemployment may reach 30%. With a vaccine delivery at least a year away, the viral pandemic is creating localized economic epidemics in different sectors of the economy. The challenge for politicians is to prevent economic epidemics from becoming a pandemic in the US and globally. The answer is proverbial: an ounce of prevention avoids pounds of cure. Unfortunately, the current path for the US would mean that the proposed stimulus bill is insufficient, and the equity market may require further discounting. Cri

Countering Covid-19

The prognosis is grim. Millions dead, overrun hospitals, and insufficient ICU beds for the seriously ill. These are the outcomes absent mitigation strategies to slow the spread of the virus until the development of an antiviral drug for treatment or a vaccine. Unfortunately, both the solutions may take a year to 18 months. Barring their expedient development, the most probable outcome is that mitigation strategies will remain in force for upwards of six months. The business world shudders at the thought of closures for a month, let alone six months to a year. The conflict for the West is the balancing of individual liberty versus the common good when implementing mitigation strategies. The c

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