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Planning the 6 A's of Strategy

Crafting a strategy starts with asking artful questions and, as with all insight, the nature of the questions asked will determine the answers received. While the 6 A's of strategy present broad questions to establish a framework, more detailed questions are required to achieve a coherent strategy. Simply, the details matter. Fortunately, the strategy literature provides excellent frameworks to address the different components of the process of crafting a strategy. Here is where the general turns into the particular, and the art of questioning turns into the science of finding answers. Source: Risk still exists independent of the questions asked and the answers discovered. The object

The 6 A's of Strategy

Strategy development is difficult in practice and definition. Of course, when it is difficult to define your objective, then achieving it is more difficult. The focus of strategy development is generally on crafting analysis rather than execution. Strategy processes tend to answer the questions what they want to do, why they want to do it, who will do it, and how they will do it. Usually, left unanswered are the execution questions of when and where the objectives are achieved. This process leads to the undesirable outcome where a good strategy fails due to poor execution. Even this conclusion may not be correct as it fails to include execution as part of the strategy process. The 6A strateg

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Snap's initial public offering is testing the patience of investors in many ways. From an unprecedented offering without any voting rights, negative cash flows greater than revenue, restricted share units taking most of current paid in capital, slowing user growth, and a valuation that makes all other social media IPO's blush, the risks are material. Those are just the financial risks. Snap is positioning itself in the marketplace as a camera company to a dedicated and narrow base of users that are fickle to fads. In a page out of a business school textbook, it is arguing that its sustainable advantage is not based on its network of users or its technology, rather Snap is a creative platform

A Delicate Balance for the Treasury

The President will face a delicate balancing act when his fiscal and trade proposals meet the reality of the Treasury market's supply and demand. The "conundrum" of interest rates remains more than a decade after the Fed Reserve chairman issued the words to describe the historically low long-term interest rates of four percent at that time. Recent upward movements have brought yields into better alignment with nominal GDP growth; however, whether this result is from the expectation of higher supply or lower demand for Treasuries remains uncertain. Alternately, the increase in interest rate may simply be a risk premium for holding Treasuries in the face of uncertain policy actions. Trading P

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