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Laboring Productivity and Free Trade

Labor and capital have battled perpetually since the dawn of humanity. This struggle usually resolved itself through the barrel of a club, sword, or gun. Those who wanted more capital took it through the application of their labor in various militaristic means. Moving from serfdom to the industrial revolution the battle became less a direct application of force to a more nuanced form of subjugation through the trading of labor for wages. This exchange permitted a person to enrich themselves by working more or increasing productivity. With time a finite resource, the worker's incentive was to increase productivity to their own and capital's benefit. Labor won the battle over the past 200 year

Executing the 6 A's of Strategy

Strategic management requires clarity of vision and mission. Equally important is execution. Mistakes in planning are usually addressable with a flexible process that can place the strategy back on course. Poorly executing will often sink the prospects of the strategy. Execution risks center on those that arise from the operationalization of the strategy. It is the curse of dimensionality that is the problem: the number of interaction points multiplies as you go from the broad scope of strategy to the particular of who, when, and why are we executing the strategy. Executing the Strategy. During the planning stage, the major issue is misidentifying or evaluating a risk. During execution, the

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