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False Equivalence and Dallying Democrats

All strategies are plans of action with strategic priorities; however, they must respond to unforeseen events as they develop. Donald Trump executed his plan to the limits of his ability, while the failures of the Clinton campaign included an inability to identify the issues, a lack of focus, and an incoherent strategic response to the credible threat of the Trump campaign. The inadequate responses to the changing campaign environment, ultimately, were the downfall of the aspirations of Clinton and the Democrats. Source: Questioning Trump´s capabilities to lead either a business or a government was a hallmark of the response from his opponents. This action, however, did not bring his

Trump´s Triumph and the Failure to Focus

A critical aspect of success in business is to identify your path forward and focus on execution. Trump and the Republicans focused on their sole path to victory through the Blue Wall in the Rust Belt. In contrast, the Democratic party will undertake soul searching as it comes to terms with losing the election because of their failure to focus. The contrast between the two is a lesson in strategic focus. Source: Focus on their issues, not your issues. As I argued in a previous post, the failure to identify the issues was a critical failure. The media and the Clinton campaign focused on the crassness of Trump and the related social problems. The social issues, however, were at the bot

Identity Politics and the Inability to Identify

The Democratic party sits in tatters and blames forces beyond their control, however, their strategic failures were of their own making. The strategic choices were more limited for the Trump and the Republican party, nonetheless, they achieved their objective. The essence of the Democratic defeat was the inability to identify the voters, focus their strategy, and respond strategically. In an election campaign hallmarked by identity politics, the first strategic failure of Clinton and the Democratic party was the inability to identify the electorate. “Such has been the patient sufference of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Go

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